Im back.....after being off the radar for sometimes....LOL.

Went The Tea Boutique For Lunch.

Supper@Terminal 1 Cafe&Pub. The environment is nice & cozy, good place for gathering.

Overall, the food is mediocre. Pasta for me , Salmon for her n Honey meant 2......somebody. Haha^^.

Recently, ive sobered up n discovered dat life is like a wheel. There r times when u will be up and as the wheel turns, there'll be times when u'll b down. Thru the passage of time, a relationship would be bound to be strained. Petty issues can be blown out of proportion and differences can become highlighted instead of minimized. Feelings that were once loving and completely accepting of the others shortcomings might become voices of annoyance or concern.

Often, the individuals believe it is the other person who needs to change. Actually, it takes two to tango and to sort out the differences. Once the obstacles have been surpassed, the fog would clear and the sun would shine once again.
Here’s to hoping that all’s well that ends well. Life’s definitely not a bed of roses.

Enough of these mindless chatter, as im straying too far off course. Dat's it for nw. On to football. Korea Vs Uruguay!!! yoohoo.
JinLan Diong
After class ..we plan for asian satay lunch together at Ah'Basri Bayan Baru.
Here we go...


Satay ayam
Nasi tomato

Satay lembu; kambing; sotong; deer; ostrich;
...and prawn(Oops where's the prawn?!?! forgot to take photo)


Vege set

haha...finish all the dishes freakin' clean!
If you like Asian food... don't miss out! (^_^)
Venue : SMK Convent Butterworth Chain Ferry Road
Date : 10th of July 2010
Time : 6pm-11pm
Price : RM 10/pax
Contact : Suriati - 012-4811137

*Light Refreshments*

i) To promote linedance FUN.
ii) To generate funds towards the school's COMPUTERTHON project.



Please Contact Leon Goot @ 016-4373522 for futher details.

Cheers to Imagination and Creativity!
Ive a wonderful dinner tonite. A simple, but yet delicious pork leg vinegar with a bowl of white rice. (^_^)
Click here if u wanna know how to prepare this.

The mouthwatering dish was super duper yummy, especially to somebody like me who has been working for 1wholeday. (although the rice alilbit overcooked, hehe)

I got two---my favourite >> hard boiled eggs

Finished everything bersih bersih

Sometimes U'll never know.........
that "pork leg vinegar" can taste such honeyed. Sweet from the bottom of my heart. Thanks dear!
JinLan Diong

大清早, 路过槟威大桥望见的日出。。感觉--出奇的美。





在另一个角落。。。那所谓好吃的“YONG TAO HU"...