Please be noted that our May jam venue has changed to Penang Chinese Town Hall, 2nd Floor. Everything remain the same, but just the venue changed.

Date:31st of May,Sunday
Place:2nd Floor,Penang Chinese Town Hall.

p/s Served with light refreshments and drinks. And also provided plenty of chairs (We have requested the management of Pan Palace Plaza to provide us with chairs, but unfortunately they don't have.)

Take the lift to 2nd floor., and the function room is located at ur left handside.

C u there ! (>_<)
这星期教了两支舞, 649 by Judy Mcdonald 和 Number 1 by kate sala. 这么巧合的,看到什么吗? 也许是...1649...还是6491..还是20点,2020..哈哈...明白??十赌九输,不赌又不服输喔..嘿嘿.开玩笑的.我始终相信不赌就赢咯...=)...


Number 1(Youtube disabled the audio of this video, so I post it here, video with "sound")
Yesterday nite, 4 of us....

went to Tg.Bungah Beach Hotel, for the Line Dancing Nite that organized by the hotel, that has resumed and starting from 15th May onwards, every friday nite 8pm-11pm. I just got to know about it a day before, so 4 of us decided to go n take a look. Me,JL,Jolin

n Steven.

When we arrived there....though already 9 o'clock, but nobody yet. SO we took a seat, n started for our "supper"....Btw, this is the dance floor.

N for the food, i think should be enough for us. But anyhow, nobody came yet. So, we continue with our food. Yesterday one were char koay teow,popiah,

some fruits, n juice. N also entertained by a band(forgot to take photo).

After that, started our dancing session. We started it with our intermediate dances, n the spectaculars became more n more, mostly were hotel guests. Some even took our video....The feeling was like.....hmmmn....weird.......Guess wat? The whole dance floor was ours, 4 ppl dancing, more than 20 ppl looking at us.

No matter how, must enjoyed ourselves though.

Danced a lot of dances, from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

Finished around 11pm. Exercise thoroughly n sweat a lot.
A friend came, also a line dancers, Suzan Ho...

How u think.
Luckily we go, orelse wasted the food, huh....
Anyway, i think its because this was the first time, n they didnt manage to inform everyone. Quite nice in general, but the flooring at where they propose us to dance is not that good. We might go again next week. See u if ure planning to go.

Here is the info:
Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel, Penang
Every Friday starting from 15th May, 2009
Time: 8.00pm till 11.00pm
Price: RM12nett per entry inclusive of 01 (one) drink with snacks.
Please bring your Music CDs!
For more information, contact 04-8908808 Ext 2.
Phaik SimH/P: 012-4260333
JinLan Diong
Intermediate / Advanced
Number 1-video
Touch Me Baby-video
Redcoat Tiger-video
Senseless Cha-video
Lordy Lordy Lordy-video
Bad Boy-video

Beginner / Intermediate
Breakin' Saucers-video
J Ho AB-video

Smart or Stupid. Have fun! :)


This is a FAST test, so be prepared. You only have 8 seconds for each question.

Click the link below and have fun.

Smart or stupid
JinLan Diong
I Dreamed a Dream

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high, And life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving

時光苒荏 夢境再來;
昔日情懷 生命澎湃。
在我夢裡 真愛不渝;
在我夢裡 主愛無限。

Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung, no wine untasted

當年的我 年輕無懼;
夢想荒唐 姿意浪擲,
當年的我 身無牽掛;
無歌不唱 無酒不歡。

But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
And they turn your dream to shame

輕薄男子 趁夜襲來;
甜言蜜語 低沉如雷
希望期待 任其撕裂;
夢想實踐 如同戲謔

And still I dream he'll come to me
That we will live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather

我仍企盼 他能歸來,
與我共渡 美好餘生。
總有美夢 無法成真,
總有風暴 無法掌控,

I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell
I'm living So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.

夢想生活 原是盡美盡善,
回到現實 卻如焦土地獄
差距之大 讓我無法想像,
我的美夢 已被現實扼殺

Watch The Video

Susan Boyle,一個47歲的大嬸,據她所說一生人未試過拍拖,也未被男人吻過,自小就參 加合唱團,之後最多也只曾在酒廊唱歌。當她說要唱出舞台劇「孤星淚」的「I Dreamed a Dream」,主持及觀眾們都只有笑和不相信的樣子,但她以美妙的歌聲唱出三秒鐘後 ...呵呵。。。你惊叹吧!!!
Dance with us in a new stompin' ground!

Date:31st of May,Sunday
Place:Central Atrium,Pan Palace Plaza.

This Plaza is located in Taman Lip Sin. There is an entrance to Sunshine Lip Sin infront of the complex. Also, a free basement carpark(entrance behind the complex). If u come from the basement car park lift, Press level 1.
C u there! (>_<)

Walk in thru the main entrance n you will see us there.

Map of Pan Palace Plaza.

Dance List

You may reach JinLan at 0124259853(email:diongjl@hotmail.com), or me at 0124827191(zee)
JinLan Diong


今天,youtube寄了好几封email通知我们有关我们的一些video里含有UMG旗下歌手的歌曲,所以被blocked了。其实,这些事真的搞不清楚。也无法避免的。再说,一些出名的歌星如the pussycat dolls,lady gaga,rihanna等的歌曲其实都under UMG,但这些歌手和歌曲,的确有很多很好跳的linedance。有人告诉我,没关系,你们出名了,你们应该感到高兴。嘿嘿,也许对吧。。。其实,这几天我知道有很多人的linedance video都被block了,只是不懂为什么沉寂了一时,又死灰复燃。

this morn, received mails fr youtube inform us that some of our videos that contain audio content that is owned by UMG, have been blocked in certain country. Dun understand why today, but mayb we r famous enuf d lol. haha. Bt temporarily there are still ways to watch the videos, that is thru YIPEE. Anyw, no matter what action they will take, we will still look forward to capture more nice videos in the future. Gambate~
上个星期天课后,我们就到Berjaya Hotel。JL受邀到一个一日营教排舞。