JinLan Diong
Intermediate/ Advanced

Let Me Dance
Hey Hey Yeah YeaH
Drip Droppin
Burn It Down
The Club Is Alive
Oh Ruby
Peek A Boo

Beginner/ Intermediate

Dancin' Fool
Let's Twist Again
Achy Breaky Heart
Making Of Indian
Make My Day
Ai Ching Cha Cha
JinLan Diong
8/8/2010 Sunday

01 Come Dance With Me
02 Fiesta Cha Cha
03 Nobody But You
04 Sex Bomb
05 So Easily
06 Countdown
07 Peek A Boo
08 1 Malaysia
09 Making Of India
10 Baby
11 Like It Rough
12 Keep Sweating
13 Snap Your Fingers
14 Waiting So Long
15 Win The Race
16 Not Tonight
17 Stoked
18 Oh Ruby
19 Tic Tok Drop
20 One Last Dance